Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wonderful World of Color

We went to Disneyland AGAIN. We would live there if we could. We have the place all picked out. Disney has what they call the Dream Suite that is above the entrance to the Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm not positive but I think it has little, overhang, porches that look out over the Rivers of America and the inside of the Pirates ride and the Blue Bayou Restaurant. A new attraction has opened at Disneyland and it had only been open for 3 days when we got there.
The Wonderful World of Color. I took video with my camera and surprisingly it didn't do to bad for a low end digital.
First I need set this whole thing up. Disney was Sunday. We have to go back to Saturday to my company picnic. Kudos to my company for putting on a picnic at all in this messed up economy. This couldn't have been cheap at all considering there is more than 500 employees at our company.
They had games and prizes to give out. We won a snow cone maker, which was quickly bartered for a poker set that came in its own carrying case. My son made it into the finals in the Hula Hoop contest. Rule number one should be in these contests "no hips, no hula". Comedy ensues when adults that could hula as a child think they have this thing down now that they are older.

The food was pretty good, Tri-tip, Ribs, BBQ Chicken and all the fixin's were there. They had jumpers for the kids. Contest like Egg toss, Water balloon toss, Tug of war, and, drum roll please ( this is the relevant part...lol), The Three Legged Sack race!
Cute fiancee and I were once track and field stars in our High School days, I'm not sure why I joined Track back then I was the Swimming star of a School that had no pool. Ok so STAR may be over stating it a bit, but the cute fiancee and I are competitive.
We joined the Three Legged Race.

The age group was 19 and up, and we were the up.

If you will notice the two young gentleman in the blue and black shirts. These are the young bloods that I think are our big competition. The next bit of TOTAL cheating was done in fun, and we ended up paying for it....lol
We had to start down at one end and run to the other and pick up the sack, so we could stick our legs in it and walk back to the start finish line together with our adjoining leg in this sack.
I told the cute fiancee to run down and grab the sack, and I was going to take out the two young gentleman next to me. Thank goodness at 48 I can still move pretty fast and not have a heart attack. They said go I darted over to grab the kid in blue and slow him down, got in the way of his buddy. A little fun tussle with the young man in blue and we over shot the bags. I run back and the cute fiancee has the bag ready. We stick our feet in it and start the three leg part.
We were near the end. Now from time to time the cute fiancee are in tune and think the same thing. We look and see that we are in third place. Big mistake, I take a long step to make it to the finish. This long step is not one that the cute fiancee can recover from and on her next step her other free leg goes underneath her and we end up in a pile up.

Cute fiancee at the point of our fall says "don't fall on me!". I almost made it, and only kind of landed on her. It was not good. The smile on my face in this picture didn't last long. Cute fiancee had twisted her hip in a funny way and was in some pain. She said later that she didn't want to get up crying like some of the kids earlier. So I helped her up and we hobbled back to our seats. The MC that was running the game came over to check on us.
Cute fiancee had a great and painful story to tell. I'm sure this is the gift that keeps on painfully giving for her because she has told everyone we have run into in the past few days how I beat her up and landed FLAT on her during the Three Legged Race.....lol

Almost to Disneyland...lol I have my son all week with me here. He had just got back from a trip to France with his High School and I took time off from work to spend some time with him.
He brought back some cool stuff for us. Cute fiancee now has a small replica of the Eiffel Tower that lights up and twinkles. I have a book and a plate for a part of the old Roman Aqueduct in France, the Pont du Gard, and small replica of a sailing vessel. I had spend most of the 10 days he was gone telling everyone that my son's High School invaded France, and that France gave up willingly and he was now the Foreign Minister of the new country. So, Sunday was suppose to be "my" Fathers day because he won't be here the next weekend. The pressure was on for me to come up with what "I" want to do. My son finally offered up Disneyland, once again I'm the Disneyland dad, we have yearly passes which comes in very handy. I asked cute fiancee if that would work for her, she was still in some pain, she said she could make it. I think she wanted to see the Wonderful World of Color.

Finally, after all that story, you the faithful reader have now made it to Disneyland. Cute fiancee is bound and determined to walk off this pain in her butt and hip. I go to get my son's tickets to get in, and the ticket agent said, "if I wanted to get in to see the new light show I had to go into the California Adventure Park to get tickets to see it".
Thankfully we took her advice.The line inside the park was rather long, and we waited about 45 minutes to get to the place where they were passing them out. I must admit to see this was a lot of hassle, but it was worth it. I'm sure in the coming weeks Disney will iron out the problems loading the people into the viewing area and the experience will be much better.
Three tickets in hand we made it back to D-land and had a reasonable day considering cute fiancee was still working out the pain. At dusk we made our way back to California Adventure and cute fiancee suggested we go see the Aladdin show at one of the theaters there because it was ending in August. That was a fun show. They had put together a short version of the movie, with aerial performances, Aladdin flies over the audience on his magic carpet and waves at the kids, and other special effects that were pretty cool. The guy who played the Genie was a riot. After that we went and grabbed some food and headed to get in line for the light show.
Disney had built this new water and light show over the past year or so. They had drained this large water area and had been putting in all these pipes and conduits on to the bottom of it. They had displays showing what it might be like place in strategic areas as you observed the construction going on. (they don't always let you see what they are doing behind the walls they put up) Cute fiancee did well, they herded us like cattle into a holding area and we sat there for the better part of 45 min. We heard the first show going on. After the people from the first show finally left we were herded into the show viewing area.
Center stage to this is the huge Ferris Wheel with Mickey's face planted in the center. This thing has lights all over it and it does a display in the evening.

I shot short bits of video trying to get the best parts of the show and make it so that upload time wasn't too long. The Opening was pretty good.

Forgive all the motion, I was trying to get as much of the show as possible, and it was a very large "screen". They showed a lot of scenes from Disney movies.

What makes this show cool is the fact that they are projecting the visual on a wall of water or mist depending on the scene. I suppose this won't work well on windy nights. They warned us that being in the section we were in and if we moved all the way to the waters edge we would get wet. There was definite drizzle on us by mid show.

The thing was really inter active too. Bubbles start floating by you, and in the planters that divide the viewing section there was little fountains that would shoot up to the action.

They also had lasers scattering in and about the mists and a very good sound system that the pipsqueak mic on my camera does not do justice to.

It was fuzzy in places but still amazing. Reliving some of the magic of these movies was fun too.

Space battle in water..?

Can't tell we are Disney geeks in this one.

Energy baby...

I can't tell you how impressive this was in person you need to go..!



About this time we find out that it isn't just water they can shoot up...fire

Couldn't contain myself on the next one. You could really feel the heat from the flames at this point.

I think in this one they were trying to put you in The Lion King. I'm sure you all remember when the King is killed by a stampede. It was pretty wild seeing all those animals coming at you.

This last one is where my poor little digital camera's memory card filled up...lol
I was thinking as I typed that at one time 35mm was all the rage. Film that is so last century.

Cute fiancee loved it. We were all pumped when we left. Cute fiancee hobbled back to the truck and we headed home. We didn't get home until almost 1AM, way past our bed time. Then up again at 5AM to get her to work. One of those weekends that you needed more weekend to recover from all the adventure...grin
AWESOME SHOW!! Disney always wants their guest to go in with there eyes wide and mouth dropped to the floor. Good job Disney mission accomplished.

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