Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventure FAIL

I love Google Earth. You can go to most anyplace on earth, on this thing, and in most places people have posted a picture they took while there. A while back I had found this place near Edwards Air Force Base out in the Palmdale Ca. area. I was looking at landing site for the space shuttle they have in the dry lake bed at Edwards. It is interesting to look at from a satellite image because they have marked the lake bed with a 350 Degree wheel. This thing has to be 1500 feet across. You can tell when someone has uploaded an image on Google Earth, there is a little blue square, you click on it and an image appears. I clicked on an image near the dry lake bed and it had a picture of a B-52 Bomber in a plane wrecking yard kind of condition. I clicked on another square and a B-58 Hustler popped up, in the same condition as the B-52.
I could see these planes were out in the open and I wanted to go see them. I followed the roads in the images and could see how to get to them. I could see that I had to go through a small town that had some pictures posted on Google Earth also. Some cool old buildings and old signs to see.
Towards the end of January my daughter wanted to come over so I could change the brakes on her car. She and her new husband came over. We started to do the brakes but it didn't need them. I asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure. I had my son that week end so all 4 of us jumped in the truck and headed toward Edwards.
I had it mapped out so we would pass through the small town of Hi-Vista Ca. I guess they filmed part of a movie called "Kill Bill" there. I haven't seen the movie but some of the buildings looked cool and it was on the way so I thought we could stop. The pictures I saw online showed an old sign for a Dinner there and I wanted a picture of it. We pulled into town and it was a run down affair with frumpy looking houses and this old Mission Style Church, But someone had torn down the sign I wanted to photograph. Fail number
We headed down the road I had mapped out. Over hill and dale heading towards Edwards. I never saw the street I was suppose to turn on, but eventually we came to a very sturdy gate.
Here is the problem with Google Earth as a reference. All the images are taken from the air or from space. They don't show much depth, and things like gates and fences just don't show up.
I did find out what those planes are for.

As we came down the hill toward the gate we could see what looked like planes set out at different intervals paralleling the fence the gate was on. Fail number 2....sigh
We just were not going to get to see the planes today.
This is as close as we got.

When I got back home you could see how the Air Force had this bombing range set up when I looked it up on Google Earth.

Maybe it isn't a good Idea to see these planes. I can see them at an air museum somewhere another time. So we headed back home with the words FAIL on our lips. Oh well. It was a fun ride.

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