Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Ghost in the house and some Christmas cheer!

 I haven't posted anything in a while so since I have some time I'm going to slip a little one in here.

We Haven't really been on many adventures lately, I have been working nights and weekends so I really have no life and the cute girlfriend and I are like two ships passing in the night most of the time. Kind of sad but we try to make it up on our time off, doesn't always work but we get some time together.

The Impetus for this blog is what happened last night at 1am.  I don't want this blog to turn into some paranormal posting site, but I do like sharing our little haunting here at our home. To me it is a little adventure and a study of the possibility of the after life. A ghost in your house qualifies as an adventure in my book.

I'm going to share this year's Christmas light display here at our house, we love Christmas and get into the decorating part in a big way.

I'm sure what happened last night would probably set some people on edge. It is kind of crazy when your dog goes nuts barking and growling at something. Her carrying on woke me from a dead sleep and startled me.

Early this morning, a little after 1am our dog Molly launched off me to the corner of the bed facing the door and was having a fit, barking and growling.
Here is the fierce beast begging for a piece of bacon. I must always remember while eating not to look down. She is always giving me this look. She is a Lhasa Apso, Maltese, something or other type dog. She is not a very big dog and rarely barks. We had her a month before we found out she barked at all....lol

She is very playful and sometime more like a cat than a dog. At night she will decide to move to another bed to be with me or the cute girlfriend. Most of the time when she sleeps with me she wedges herself against my back to be as close as possible. As was the case last night she was against me when she forcefully launched off me to begin her barking fit. That woke me up with a start. I rolled over to be ready for what I thought would be the cute girlfriend coming into the room. I listened but couldn't hear her stepping in the dark.

Molly, or Monster Dog as I call her, was growling pretty fiercely and was giving her best small dog protective bark. She was doing a little lunge to who or what ever was coming down the hall. Nothing showed at the door.  My bedroom is downstairs and it is pretty dark down there. There is a door that exits into the back yard and it has a window in it and lets in light from the Mall that is on the other side of the river from us. That makes it so you can see a silhouette of someone at the bedroom door.

I was there looking and waiting for someone to show at the door and noticed a very faint redness to the ceiling and wall that I could see from the bed. There is a stop light across the river from us that can shine through that door. That is what I thought I was looking at and because of the low light it was kind of fuzzy and faint. I have never seen any of the colors of that stop light through that door before but it made sense in my mind.

one problem that red glow was slowly moving into the room. I closed my eyes and looked away to see if it was some sort of after image. I looked back and the red glow was now in the room and on the ceiling over the closet door. I could see the dog's silhouette looking up at that spot now and she was still growling.

This red glow, it is not a good descriptor for what I saw. It was not a form, nor was it a mist and it didn't really glow per se. I don't think it was even light, but I think it was being registered as light by my eyes. I can see why people who see things like this have problems describing them, I would think it was made up in my mind except the dog was riveted on the same spot as I was.

I was in full analyze mode watching this red glow start to fade when the cute girlfriend came down the hallway and turned on the light. She came down to see what all the ruckus was about. She thought I was up and playing with the dog. I hope I wasn't sitting there all wide eyed when she flicked on the light.

She ask what the dog was barking for, I told her that I wasn't sure that I hadn't heard anything. She said "Hmm" and was about to turn off the light when I told her that just before she turned on the light that a dim red glow had come into the room and stopped over the closet door. She went hmm again and turned off the light. My eyes adjusted quickly but the glow was gone. Molly was still looking up at that spot though.

I told Molly to tell that red glow to get out of the room because we were sleeping. She sat there watching that spot for almost 15 min. There was a very slight feeling that there was something in the room but it faded fast. The feeling was never ominous or anything like that.

Activity in this house is pretty steady. There is always something ticking or shuffling here. Lately there is a little ticking noise that happens over by this Wok I brought back from my Dads.  It is a peculiar noise and the dog can sometimes react to that.

I'm going to look into the stop light glow coming into the house, but there is no way it could be projected around two corners to be on the ceiling over the closet. The dog was what really cemented it that maybe what I was seeing was really there. I always wonder what animals really see.

Here is another good one. The cute girlfriend was going into the living room the other day with the dog in tow and she stopped in her tracks and called me. When I came to the room she pointed at one of the dogs small tennis balls and said that it had just rolled out from under the Christmas Tree. I would have loved to seen that one.

So far activity is pretty benign and it better stay that way. We know there is something here with us in this house but we don't communicate with it. I don't think we should communicate with the dead except in extreme cases when you are telling them that they are dead and that they need to move on and that they are now not welcome anymore....hit the bright light highway chum!

Let's move along here citizens it is Christmas time and time to enjoy family and friends

In some Christmas songs you hear them singing about the telling of ghost stories, well there you go. Now for the Christmas lights and Tree decorations.
 Here is this years Christmas Tree. The cute girlfriend found this cool snowman in top hat tree topper and we thought we could have fun with that theme for a few years. She decided that she would crochet a red scarf for the the garland and it turned out awesome. I really like this tree, she has really out done herself this year with this tree. Speaking of trees this one is artificial, we bought it four years ago and it has more than paid for itself in that time. Put some of those pine tree scent sticks in it and bam your house smells like a real tree is there. As you can see by all those presents that we are spoiling the grandkids....grin

I'm a little crazy about lighting the outside of the house. It takes a while to get the lights up and I can only do it on short bursts at odd times so I started putting up lights on the 10th of Nov.
It is a simple start. Then in the next couple of days I try to add more.
I use to put all the lights up on Thanksgiving day but it is not convenient to do that anymore. I was taking video of the lights as I added them and posted it to YouTube.

I wish this old house had better power coming from the panel. I put a lot of lights up so I check as I go if I'm running too many lights on a circuit. I feel cables for the slightest bit of warmth. Luckily now todays lights are now LED and they don't draw much power. If you are going to put up a lot of lights you need to do it safely.
I will let the lights run for a few minutes then unplug from the wall and feel the plug terminals for any heat. If there is heat I start pulling lights. I have maybe 2 more circuits I can use...Hmmm I have a flat roof I wonder how many inflatables I could fit up there....oh go all out and build a mechanical Santa's Sleigh with Reindeer  and Santa at the chimney! I wonder?...grin

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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