Monday, July 27, 2015

Catching up...coming soon...I hope

We have had several adventures in the past few months. Work and general lack of want to do much of anything lately has made blogging those adventures an "I'll get on those later" proposition.

I need to get to work on our "Witches Castle" adventure, an adventure to Beacon Rock, my little trip down south to a wedding and just yesterday our Abiqua Falls Expedition.

I love sharing about our adventures so people can go, vicariously, to these places we go. I love reading about peoples adventures on other blogs and I see that I still get a few people reading some of my postings from several years ago. I haven't lost interest in blogging just "out of gas" as they say and haven't been up to the task of writing.

I have been feeling that I need to get to work sharing these adventures so I can escape the craziness of these days with all the political junk and media bad news barrage that is constantly coming at me. It might be escapism but I'm very sure that there are other people out there that want to escape too from all that crap.

I will probably start with the Abiqua Falls Expedition because it is freshest in my mind, plus the fact that it is an awesome place to go.

Alright time to get typing

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