Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can't believe people do this

My fiance'e and I saw something rather stupid the other night.
If I get into a rant please forgive me, but I just can't believe that people are this stupid.
I drive my fiancee' to work and pick her up on my way home from my job. We leave early in the morning and get home later in the evening. we are usually getting home too late to cook a meal so we eat out a lot. Once or twice a week we like to grab some food and take one of the many mountain roads that eventually get us to our wonderful cabin in the woods. We have this one road that is our favorite. It takes us down a tree covered dirt road that crosses a steam. The crossing is a wide concrete ramp that makes it easy to cross the water. The place is strewn with huge boulders and water falls and many trees that make it all shady and beautiful. We wanted to picnic here the week before but some creepy looking character and his buddy were there "smoking" something, so we passed on by and went up another trail and found a "ok" spot to eat our meal.
Well the other night we get to our favorite spot and we are the only ones there, whooo hooo , I park the truck on the ramp and we set up our chicken meal on the tailgate and listen to the water babbling and the birds in the trees. In the middle of the meal The Fiance'e points at a rock across the stream and the word "idiots" comes out of her mouth. There was a pile of scrap wood next to a large boulder, which a fire had been built under, directly under a large tree. How easy these idiots could have lit the forest on fire. We had a huge fire up here a year and a half ago and we had to evacuate for a week, and some knucklehead or a whole hurd of them had a fire burning under a tree in the middle of nowhere. GRRRR.
I'm going to stop by ther Ranger station up the road and tell them to keep an eye out down there.
Anyways we had a nice meal in the woods and a wonderful setting. Little adventures like that make the long hot job days have a welcome ending. I will post some pics of our favorite place.
Side note: LOL I didn't know there was two different words for fiance'. I'm not the best speller (thank god for spell check) so I looked up how to spell it on google. I found out that a common error in spelling fiance' is that the female version of the word has and extra "e" at the end of the word. Well we all know that spell check only tells you if you spelled the word correctly not if it was the right word.

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