Sunday, May 17, 2009

Second post: I got called away from some thoughts on my first post by my good neighbor Jane.
She had some heavy potted plants that needed to be moved and had called me while I was posting.
Speaking of adventures my neighbor Jane is a great example of what life in general has to offer in the way of dishing out adventure. Ms. Jane was well out of her comfort zone when I was going to buy this cabin, as a mater of fact she was rather persuasive in trying to talk me out of it...grin
Jane at the time was trying to write a book, I think it was, and the thought of the young kids that I was bringing over to invade the area between our two homes was over the top unsettling. (Jane if you read this I could always see that you were the best of people.) I could see that she was nice but that she was facing an unknown that was too much for her. When I moved in I decided to be a stealth neighbor and keep my kids from in between the houses and to not bug Jane. I put a long rope swing in the back and to the other side of the house to keep the, at the time, rug rats from being a distraction. I decided from the get go that I was going to do things around her house so that little things would get fixed or done and she would be puzzled who did them and be happy that it had happened. The main focus turned out to be shoveling snow. I live in the mountains above San Bernardino Ca. at the 5700' level and we get snow up here, sometimes in the deep and heavy variety. So on our first snow after moving up I snuck over and cleaned her stairs up to the gate. I think I made it to the 4th snow before she caught me. She thought she had snow fairies taking care of her
She insisted that she pay me for my labors but I told her that it was not needed. She asked me why I would do this, I told her that it is just what good neighbors do and went to work.
We moved up in late August and by December she had actually found that she liked us....grin
She was inviting the kids over and doing Grandma type things with them.
Jane and I have done many project around her house and we keep and eye out for each others houses when needed now. Jane and her fear of us was the adventure and we all conquered that and have almost become a great family unit of sorts.
Now Jane will be moving to another part of the mountain, she told me last week. I will move her of course, she won't be far. The house she is in now is getting to be to much for her and she found a nice manageable one here on the mountain. She told me she had been wanting to move for a while now but was always not following through on that because I wouldn't be around to help. I'm proud of her she made the leap and she knows she can call me anytime if she needs something.
Funny thing is now it is my turn to worry who will move in next door...grin

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