Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Up date on My son and our Disneyland outting

A couple of weeks ago My son had an accident. He jumped off a roof and landed wrong, sprained, both his ankles and almost broke both heals, plus cracking his growth plates in both ankles.
Well last weekend (11th and 12th)was my time to visit. I went down and picked him up.
He now has two temporary casts on and is in a wheelchair.
He was pretty good at the transfer from the chair to the car and back to the chair.
We went over Highway 2 again and he enjoyed it more this time.
The fun part came when we got back to the cabin. Our Cabin is on a hill, and has a long stairway to get to the front door. Easy enough, piggy back rides up. This worked well. My excellent neighbor Jane, who is a chiropractor, saw this and was asking how my back was holding up. Alex is still light thank goodness so I was not in need of her services...grin
Saturday we spent the day at home, but Sunday he wanted to go to Disneyland.
I suspect he wanted to go because if you are in a wheelchair you get to kind of cut to the front of the line.
Sunday was a busy day actually. Cute fiancee was leaving for almost a week to go greet into this world her new and 11th grandchild. We had to have her at the Airport by 4am so we were up very early.
My son and I tried to kill time but still we were the first ones in line at the Disneyland parking structure. We went and got his ticket then waited in line. I got this picture of him near the entrance to Disneyland and California Adventure.

We finally got into the park and went to the rides. First was Space Mountain. He was able to get in and out of the coaster cars easily. We made it over to the Haunted house. This was the coolest part. Just in case there is a few that have never been to the Disneyland Haunted House it is part walking tour and part tram car (doombuggies). The entrance starts you off in this big room that is really an elevator that gives you the illusion that the room is stretching this sets you up for a hallway with scary stuff in it that leads to this tram that carries you through the Haunted house.
If you are in a wheelchair they slow the tram down some and get you on then speed it back up.
So we load Alex on the tram and go through the ride. Instead of getting off at the normal point they let you stay on and the ride, and it passes through a room you never see. It is just the Maintenance area for the ride but it is cool because it is kind of lit and you can see how the buggies ride on a track and move around. The ride attendants bring back the wheelchair and we unload without the tram stopping. (side note if you are on the ride sometimes the buggies stop and a voice comes on all spooky like, and says "spankish spirits have interrupted your journey please stay seated in your doombuggie.. I forget the rest....lol)
After you are off the ride they send you back through the system to the room/elevator. It is so weird to be in the room as it is going up. The illusions are revealed as the painting that stretch go slack and roll back up. It was rather cool to see that side of Disneyland. Funny thing in the room/elevator, the first time we went a girl was operating the controls and she said that she knew the room went down but she still could believe it the way it looks at it all retracts into place. The girl and her garb, all attendents at the haunted house are dressed in green, black, and white Mortician outfits, and having Alex with me reminded me of something that happened when he turned 5. His mother and I decided to celebrate his birthday at Disney World and we had a condo deal set up for a week there in Orlando Florida. On the day we were celebrating Al's birthday we were standing in the line for the Disney World version of the "Haunted Mansion".
We are standing by the horse drawn hearse, and there is two Attendents talking and guiding the people into the attraction. One is a young girl and the other a young man. Alex is just 5 that day and he starts talking to this young lady and going on about how it is his birthday and we are going back to our condo and going to have cake and ice cream with candles and all the hoop la.
With out breaking stride my son asks this young lady if she would like to come to his party. We all cracked up. The girl without batting an eye say sure sweetheart I would love to join you at your party. I remind you she is in this Morticians outfit. The young man leans down and asks Alex what his secret is.....lol He had been asking her to go on a date for months and had never gotten a YES. It was such a funny event. I just had to share that memory.

All in all I don't think you get any better deal if you are in a chair or not. Back tracking through the exits is a pain, dodging people and other wheelchairs. On some rides there is even wheelchair lines.
The Indiana Jones ride is kind of a pain, for unloading the handicapped. They don't back load it or use a special car. They move you thru an elevator system and load you with the rest of the riders. You go through the ride and then you have to hold all the people back and move traffic backwards so you can get back to the chair and then push it up to the ride to get your handicapped charge then they can load the ride. We rode it twice and both times it was a snafu.
It was still fun and the ride attendents were helpful, but it seemed kind of backwards.
On the way out I stopped by the Town Hall so I could suggest they need to work on that ride for the Handicapped. I was nice about it, I hate being bitchy at the Happiest Place On Earth...grin
We even got Alex on a few rides he had never been on. Like the Submarine ride. At one time it was the "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" ride, But they have updated it so it can be the "Finding Nemo" ride. Alex was teenage aloof about that ride. We also went on the Peter Pan ride because he said he had never been on it. Aloof again on that ride. At his age it is more about the roller coaster.
We had a fun day, and adventure to remember.
PS Cute fiancee's new Granddaughter was born 7/13/2009 her name is Kiale Anne.
If the powers that be permit I may post pictures.

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