Saturday, July 4, 2009

The adventure ride home

Today is the 4Th of July. A day of celebration for our Independence. Oh boy were a bunch of people trying to go celebrate this morning. For those not familiar with the area I live in, there is a lake on the desert side of the San Bernardino mountains called Silverwood. It is a man made lake built in the 70's. Cute fiancee likes to say that she has been camping at the bottom of Lake Silverwood, because it was just a canyon at one time. That canyon was part of the Morman Trail at one time. I digress. I took cute fiancee to work this morning and as we rounded the bend near the entrance to Lake Silverwood she gasped. I looked hoping I wasn't going to hit a dear but was kind of blinded by the rising sun in my eyes. It was just after 6 AM and there was a line of cars as far as you could see. We wound down the mountain some more and the line didn't quit. It ran for almost 2 miles. I dropped her off at work and headed back. I thought the line would have died down some at this time, after all I stopped for breakfast. Nope it was even longer probably now 3 miles long. The alternate route was a long way around, but there was another at a junction just up ahead but I had to wait in line to get to it. This is the line up the hill to the lake, along Hwy. 138.

There was a lot of people breaking out of the line and turning around so the line was starting to move. A large truck towing a boat trailer and two other cars bolted for the junction going up the opposite side of the road, I jumped in ( thank goodness no CHP around). By taking this junction I can go over to the suposedly close Hwy 173 (wink) that goes up the back way to Lake Arrowhead. We take this route every once in a while just to break up the drive from time to time and have evening picnics. It is a single lane graded dirt road that takes you up high over part of Deep Creek and drops you off near Arrowhead. See adventure just trying to get home...grin

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