Sunday, June 28, 2009

Over the top changed to, across the top

On Friday I went to pick up my son for the weekend. I have to pick him up in Pasadena and then drive back to the east to our home in the lovely San Bernardino Mountains. On Friday's the traffic out of Pasadena is Horrible. One option is to take side streets most of the way to avoid the snarled conditions on the Freeway. This is the 210 Fwy and evening traffic is so bad that even the Diamond lane is stopped. Well on this particular Friday we had to go pick up the cute fiancee in Victorville so another route opens up when that happens. There is an over the top route that cuts over the mountian to the Palmdale area in the desert. You take Hwy 2, the Angeles Crest Highway to the Angeles Forest Highway ( I think that is designated FH59), and it drops you off outside of Palmdale. A few other side roads can bypass Palmdale and cut some miles off this route but it is still10 mile farther than going the Freeway route.
A change in plans happened on the way to the top of the mountain. State Route 2 was reopened.

State Route 2 has been close for a few years now, due to a wash out back near Mount San Antonio. Route 2, better known as Angeles Crest Highway, Runs from the city of La Canada/Flintridge to Wrightwood. It travels along the top of the Mountains of the Angeles Forest at an elevation of 5000' with a pass at 7900'. I told my son that we would go that way instead. In his now teenager changing voice he said "so"
He didn't like it that I stopped along the way because it interupted his sleeping...grin
Most of the stops were to get pictures. First Pic was of the dome for the 100" telescope ontop of Mt. Wilson.

If you are in the So Cal area this place is a must see. I will tell every one about a 2 weekend Telescope adventure later, that includes this location.
We travel more east along Angeles Crest. This state started construction of this highway in 1929, and you can see this in the rock walls and tunnel mouth faces. Wikipedia link to Angeles Crest Highway.

The terrain is rocky mixed with pine forest. The road cuts through and passes some cool scenery.

I haven't been up here in years and was surprised when this sign showed up.

Sorry to say that there was no Bighorn out that day. I stopped in the middle of the road and looked which of course got my son to open his eyes to ask what the heck I was doing.
This was in the area of the tunnels so being me I had to honk in all the tunnels which my son no longer I like the echo....grin
I had to stop at a place that is a junction of sorts. Unfortunately the Junction at State Route 39 has been closed since the 70's. Wikipedia link Route 39.

I hear they are talking about getting this route open again.

We traveled on heading east to get to the cute Fiancee. We came to a place where water was cascading down the side of the mountain. My son had to get down into the water. We even found some un-melted snow from last winter here.

The last part of our Hwy 2 adventure had a serendipitous turn. We were entering the Wrightwood area when a vintage Chevy pick-up truck goes by pulling a Vintage Teardrop trailer. I have been facinated by the Teardrop trailer for a while now and just recently decided to build one to drag around. I turned to follow the truck and noticed a sign on the sign post to a Wrightwood area camp ground. Vintage Trailer Gathering. I thought about this time that I had better get to the cute fiancee first or she would be waiting in the heat for too long.

We went to get her and have some diner and she agreed to go up and look at the vintage campers.

And the Teardrops.

It was a great day, and we can't close out an adventure with out some architecture. A place called "The Pines". Very cool old lodge in a place called Big Pine, near Wrightwood.

Next adventure we go to Barstow Ca.

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