Sunday, June 14, 2009

Marina Del Rey boat show...NOT

Well Today we went to do an adventure and we got had. We went down to Marina Del Rey to go to the annual boat show there. There was a couple of websites with information for it but something fell apart with the thing and it never happened....sigh I stopped at a local boat sales place nearby to the location the show was suppose to be and the man inside said that it was the Marina del Rey chamber of commerce that had that boat show. The chamber of commerce contracted with a boat show promoter to put this thing on and recently didn't promote it and so it never happened. Oh well, I found out that there is another boat show next weekend...grin

We started out with three things on our Itinerary: Boat show, a store called Galco's, and see if we could find cute fiancee's grandmothers old house in LA. The Galco's thing was a last minute entry into the schedule do to us seeing it on a TV show called "California Gold" last night and it looked cool. I looked up this Galco's place on the internet and the hours were short for Sunday so we headed for there first.

Galco's is and old grocery store.

Galco's is better knows as the "Pop Stop" This place sells only soda pop, beer, and wine, plus it has a cool sandwich counter. Oh and old candy too. Watching the TV show last night they showed that this store had all these old soda pop names and a huge selection of flavores.
This Place is actually in a part of Los Angeles called Highland Park. We spent an hour there. Every time we picked up a bottle of soda pop we got a rush of They had the original Dr. Pepper, not the formulas of today's stuff, the old flavor. Other names like Bubble Up, Nesbitt, and such, odd flavors like cucumber, mint julip, chocolate, even old time sasparilla.
They had some cool beers there. We bought some cool dark beers to sample later.
The sticker shock was pretty bad after we had got to the check out counter. We had the money so we went ahead with the purchase.
We are going to have a great time trying these odd flavors and old brand over the next few weeks so it is worth it.

We left Galco's and zig zagged our way thru old LA and did our favorite site seeing thing, looking at Craftsman homes.
We get down to Marina del Rey and no boat show....grrr
So the last thing on the list, find cute fiancee's Grandmother's old house. I had looked through Google maps for this house for her a few times but couldn't find it. Last night I wend over with her, the land marks around the old home. With the street name and a school for a land mark I thought I had got it zeroed in. I put the street names in my head and when we got off the freeway I headed right to it. We turned the corner on the street and BINGO she pointed and the tears came to her eyes. It had changed over the years. It had been a single story Craftsman of course. One of the type that had the two ''eyebrow'' dormers on the top and cool square pillars holding up the front porch. The pillars had changed to post over the years but it was close enough so she recognised it. It is a shame though, that part of LA is a little rough so most of the homes have bars on the windows and doors. We took a pic so she could email them to family.
Being in this area of LA we found ourself in a Craftman rich environment so we went up and down a bunch of streets and oooh and aaaah'd at the well cared for homes and sighed at the ones falling apart.
We had been feeling a little funny in the tummy area this morning so we made our way home to recoupe from what was ailing us.

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