Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Drive home Lightning adventure

Small adventure on the way home from work today. We had a nice monsoonal front come into Southern California today.

Thunderheads grew up along the mountain all day and we had a pretty nice lightning show at work. Sad note: Some poor lady died by a lightning strike today in Fontana, the town where I work, she was standing under a tree. We don't get that many thunder storms here in southern California so she probably didn't understand not to stand under the tree...very sad.

Well the adventure, I was going to pick up the cute fiancee and it was really going to town with the lightning. I have to go up the Cajon pass, (for those outside of California that is a pass that takes you from the L.A./San Bernardino basin up 3500' to the high desert) to get the fiancee.
Lightning was hitting on the hills next to the I-15 as I went up. Some close enough I could hear the boom through the closed truck windows with a CD on. I pick up the fiancee and we head for home. We have to travel up through some mountain canyons to get to our nice little cabin, and as we made it up one canyon, the fiancee says she sees smoke ahead. We finally get to it and there is a tree smoldering on some private property to the south of the highway. I thought it best to call 911 and let them know we had some smoke there. Wild fires are a bad thing for us up here in the mountains. We had to evacuate 2 1/2 years ago for almost a week, so if you see smoke you call around here. Some excitement for the day.

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