Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Aunt needs pictures...grin

I emailed my Aunt that I had started a
she emailed back and wanted to see pictures of the Cabin.
This is an adventure blog so I can post pics of my Cabin/adventure.
It is a work in progress so no laughing...grin
Here is a picture a few winters ago.

sunrise from the house.

Had to go out and take I only seem to take pictures of the house when it is covered in snow. Taking pictures of how bad you are snowed in to email to your boss can come in handy...grin Here is the rest of the cabin.

I have siding I need to get up. I have been looking for a special kind of siding. It is essentially rough cut planks with the log side still on it. They have the tree limb edges and all the irregularities as the side of the tree, it looks very rustic and cool. I also want to ad rock to the base of the house to give it a Craftsman feel to it.
will post more as time goes. I have another project waiting in the wings that I can't start until the siding is up. That project is a teardrop camping trailer for more adventuring. It will be an adventure just building it.

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