Sunday, June 7, 2009

Piano story

On the way home from dropping off the cute fiancee, I saw a sad site on the side of the road, a piano that had fallen off a truck or something and was in pieces next to the road. Double sad that the person that dropped it didn't pick it up. It did spurn a memory from a few years ago.
This is a little happier piano story.
Before I put in a wash room here at the cabin, and before the cute fiancee even, we use to go to the laundromat to clean our clothes. The nicest one, in my eyes, was the laundromat in Cedar Glen on the other side of the Lake. This place was attached to a building that housed a hobby type store. (art supplies, drafting supplies and such) The loading dock for this place faces the street, and there is a dumpster there, and people drop off there unwanted junk there. This is littering of coarse, the owner of the store now is responsible for that junk by his dumpster...sigh Well this one time some person had dropped off this old weather beaten upright piano. This piano too was a sad site, peeling wood veneer, hinges barely holding the thing together. My son had gone outside the hot laundry and had been gone longer than I had like so I went out to see what he was up to. I rounded the building and there was my son sitting at this piano two fingering the thing and goofing around. He was doing pretty good with the notes almost I looked at him and the piano and I had a strange sensation, it was like the piano was beckoning for someone to play it.
It was time to transfer the clothes to the dryer so I called my son to come help. After the transfer and the dropping of the quarters to get the drier started we went back outside so my son could mess around with the piano some more. We rounded the corner and a car had pulled up and a couple was looking at it. My son and I stood up on the top of the stairs that led down to the loading area and watched. He and I commented to the couple about the sad looking piano and how stupid people are for abandoning things like this. They were thinking of taking it to someones house but on closer look it was a shambles. About this time a girl gets out of their car and walks over to the piano. In my memory I see her interlocking her fingers and cracking her knuckles, but I don't think that She looks the keyboard over and touches a few keys. She then set herself in a position to play. She went right into the song from the movie "The Sting", I think the song is called "Ragtime", I could be wrong. (I found out later this song is called the "entertainer") This tattered old piano was tuned almost perfectly for playing a ragtime tune. This young girl was good too. She played the full song even the end part that you never hear. My son and I just stood there watching. Kind of a cool sunny day with just a few clouds trying to come up the mountain from the valley, and here was this old sad piano being played by someone who knew what it was there for. It was like it had beckoned her to come push the keys. Damn moving moment for me. She finished, got up and headed for the car. I complimented her on her playing and how she played the end part that I had only heard once before. They all shook their heads looking at the poor sad looking piano and drove off. It was too much of a mess for them to handle. My son and I looked at each other and I said "can you believe that, it was like the poor old piano called for her to play" He looked at me funny and we went back to the laundromat to tend to our cloths.
The next day I went to work and during a break I told everyone this story and I teared up trying to tell it. It was one of the coolest moments I can remember, thought I would share it.

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