Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Look at the bar!

Aug. 1st: After I got back to pick up the cute fiancee, we decided to go get a cheap room near Disneyland and spend part of Sunday there. Getting a cheap room via Priceline dot com is pretty easy.
$40 this time for a room a half mile from Disneyland.
On the way down there on Saturday. We were passing through Riverside Ca. and I remembered that cute fiancee had wanted in the past to go to the "Old Spaghetti Factory'' there. I darted off the freeway and headed there with haste to give her a treat. (not that we needed the pasta carbs)
We had a nice meal. I love the decor there. There is this bar to the left of the entrance that is spectacular.

The low light doesn't do this bar justice, it is beautiful. As we were leaving I had to snap a picture of it. I had not been to this place in years, and in my crappy memory I had it that there was a plaque near the bar saying where this thing came from. I could have sworn that I was told by and employee long ago that this thing was taken from an old Victorian hotel in San Francisco.
I once again asked an employee where the bar came from since there was no
She said it came from a John Wayne movie. Now here is where my memory is always fertile, movies. Can I remember things like birth What I promised my cute fiancee I would do for her last Can I remember the Pythagorean theorem to save my life in Algebra class...much to my physicist type father's chagrin, absolutely not. But I can remember at that instant when the word John Wayne came from that bar tenders mouth what movie it was from.
North to Alaska! The Crap that sticks in my memory..sigh

We had a great time at Disneyland here is a picture of the cute fiancee and I there.

She never lets me post her picture here on the blog, so you will have to use your memories of what she looks like to see her next to me....grin

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