Sunday, December 13, 2009

Natal Anniversary

48. It was my Birthday last week. I took a day off from work so I could take advantage of Disneyland's "get in free on your birthday" deal. We already have seasons passes so Disney gave me the price of admission on a gift card, that I bought a nice Disneyland Hoodie with.
Disneyland was all decked out in festive Christmas displays. Since my Camera is not the best at low light pictures, but can do a tolerable job with video in those conditions I grabbed some video of some of the displays.

I must say that as a kid I really could have done with out the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland. They revamped it this year, with some complaints I might ad, putting in a sprinkling of some Disney characters, in kid form, along the ride. We had to check it out to see if this was done tastefully. It was. The characters are actually fun to try and pick out of the displays. Well this year they re-themed it for Christmas. The dolls are singing "Jingle Bells" mixed in with "It's a small World". It was nice and Christmasy.
We had to wait for dusk to see the lights come on at this ride. It looked like most of the park had the same idea.
I was planning on getting some video of the display and was readying my camera for the shot.
I had turned on the camera and had just looked up when the switch was thrown for the lights.
The best way I can describe the lights coming on at the It's a small World attraction was " a silent boom". I have heard it said several times that Disney wants what they do to be "Jaws dropped, eyes wide open, spectacular". That was what it was when those lights came on. Bam the lights come on and the crowd went WOW and the applause started. Very nice.

The Christmas Tree was tall, festive and well lit.

The Disney Christmas Fireworks show was Magical. It really brought home the spirit of Christmas. I didn't have a good position to get video of the fireworks but I did shoot a minute or two of the Castle.

We had a great time.
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