Sunday, December 13, 2009

This year has been pretty fun

We did a lot of adventures this year. July was pretty busy for us. After the Bodie trip my computer guy let us stay on his cabin cruiser down in the harbor at Chula Vista near San Diego.
We had breakfast with him and headed off to do something in the San Diego Area.
We ended up at Point Loma in the Morning time.

The Cabrillo National Monument is there.

This is a very nice place to visit. It is west of San Diego on Point Loma naturally.
There is a Museum and the Old Light House out there.

Point Loma Has a nice sea shore on the Pacific side.
It has tidal pools and even some areas where the wave action of the surf is carving out the rocks.
The erosion along the cliffs was fantastic.

I discovered rather late in this adventure that cute fiancee doesnt' do well with heights.
I helped her down to and area where she could see around and wanted to stop there.
Ok. I walked on down the path in front of her. From where she was standing it looked like the cliff edge. There was actually another ledge below it and a rock to step down onto.
It must have looked like I jumped over the edge to her. I jumped down to the rock (2 feet).
and turned around. By that time she had spun around and was gone up the hill.
There was some cool tidal pools there but I didn't stay because cute fiancee had disappeared.
I found here back at the truck. She was not happy with that. Poor thing she saw me just jump over the edge.
To make it up to her I took her to the San Diego Zoo.

We had a good time but it was hot and that zoo is all hills. Funny thing. We found this cool tree there that we liked but couldn't find anything like it
We asked the next time we went down but still no knowledge on that tree.
The silly zoo is also a Botanical Garden and every thing has a plaque on it telling you what it is.
Except this silly tree. It is probably a weed and we don't know it....grin

The next week end we had my son with us. Cute fiancee had inventory at her store in the morning, but we wanted to go do something after she was done.
Alex and I dropped her off and headed on a little adventure, to find the road that goes to the hill with all the communications antenna on it north of Victorville.
We didn't find it. but I did let Alex drive the truck on the dirt road we were on.
He begged me to let him, but when he got in the seat he was a little

He drove well. We did a small trail and he learned how not to hit the rocks and trees.
We picked up cute fiancee again and went to breakfast.
After that we went to one of our favorite places to go to above Lucerne Valley Ca
It has these cool outcroppings of Decomposing Granite rocks.

We decided to go up this trail. It looked fun, but as we go into it the trail turned more into a quad trail that a road. We came to this point where there was this huge rock on one side and nothing but brier on the other. I folded in the mirrors and we crept by just missing the rock but the brier squeeked along the paint on the truck. Reminder to self, must wax truck.
we came to a fork in the road. A place I know called White Mountain was to one side and the main road to the other.
White Mountain it was. What a goat path we had chosen. Not the best road to have your new truck on. but the top was pretty darn cool.

At the top we discovered why it is called White Mountain. It looks like Marble. There are Gypsum mines to the east of this mountain so it might be something like that to.
There was the starting of a mine up there.

There was also this green mineral here too. I can't find any info online about this area so I can only say it is green..not what it is darn it.

It isn't Jade or Turquoise. It really looks like Miracle grow in its raw form.
They didn't dig very far into this mine.

Above this location there was whiter stuff and you can see where they were sample drilling and couldn't get a drill bit back and had to leave it.

We need to slowly make our way down from this hill top. Don't think that we didn't take some rock samples with us..grin
On our way down we met up with a Jeep club going up. They wanted to know how to get down from where they were at to the desert.
We gave them directions. They were too chicken to take those lifted, big tired Jeeps up that hill.

That was where we were near the white area at the top.
It was a fun adventure and we didn't tear up the truck.
That area is full of adventure. We will be going back to it again.

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